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What is Saj bread and why are we such huge fans....It is a very light flatbread, and combined with our Middle Eastern spices and marinades, we've created generous wraps that have very unique flavors and aromas that’ll make you want to camp outside our food truck just to take in all the fragrances, never mind eating it!

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About Us

At SAJeterian, we're Saj bread enthusiasts on a mission to bring the best of Middle Eastern food to Vancouver and convince you to become SAJetarians!

Get it...like "veg"etarians only we want you to become SAJetarians and show you that Saj bread is "Ze" bread to eat.

Part of our inspiration behind the concept was the fact that Vancouver has limited mobile Middle Eastern food options and our aim is to bring more middle eastern variety to the city.

From our Zaatar Halloumi and Pomegranate Molasses Kafta wraps to our fried cauliflower appetizers, we know our food will appeal to everyone and start a buzz about Saj bread.

@SAJetarian is where it all begins…

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Name: Afif Darwish

Email: info@sajetarian.com Phone: +1.778.522.5439