Our Story

Everyone knows there are few things better than freshly baked bread. As a kid, my "job" was to pick up fresh Saj bread from our local bakery for my family. It never failed – the aromas wafting into the street would make my mouth water and my steps quicken. Little did my family know that part of my "job" involved the baker giving me an extra piece to gobble up on the way home. For those of us who have experienced this...it was bliss!

After spending most of my life in various Middle Eastern countries, I finally landed in Vancouver in 2010 and I’ve called it home ever since. During that time, I have grown to love this city and really can’t imagine living anywhere else.

One of the things I’ve learnt during my time here is how, as Canadians, we love to integrate the best of any world that we can imagine. What was the best way for me to go about integrating some of my heritage? The answer was pretty simple...Food! Using authentic ingredients, getting nostalgic about my childhood and all the wonderful food I used to eat, marrying that with the support and advice of a lot of good friends, and we can’t wait to showcase how awesome Middle Eastern food is. One that does not forget its roots, but also embraces its sweet West Coast vibe.

@SAJetarian is where it all begins…